Action Areas

ARPE’s mission is to promote cultural advancement, community development and scientific inquiry in order to create a brighter future for people in need around the world.

Our missions


Based on the belief that deeply enriches society, ARPE supports individuals and organizations devoted to the visual arts and architecture, restoration and protection of artisanal trades.


With the aim of contributing to scientific advancement across the globe, ARPE invests in research in health and medicine, biotechnology, ecological agronomy and oceanography.


As a foundation we believe that working together can create lasting progress. ARPE provides financial support to NGOs and directly participates in humanitarian projects in Switzerland and abroad.


Education is among the most important vehicles for social change and cultural development. ARPE will offer scholarships towards higher education for children in Switzerland and abroad. ARPE will also provide grants to talented individuals in the fields of art, music, medicine, and political sciences.

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Our missions